How to Identify Fake Voter ID Card Steps to Make

By | August 1, 2017

How to Identify Fake Voter ID Card Steps to Make / Identify Fake Voter ID 

Identify Fake Voter ID

There are many persons who made the Voter ID Card by the photoshop by using some generator which generates the Voter ID Card. It is legally banned and all those who make the Voter ID Card by illegal method get a strict punishment. Candidates who apply for the voter card then they make sure to contact the trustworthy agent for making the Voter ID Card. Election Commission of India strict the rules and decide to give a big punishment to all those people who caught bare hand then they will get a punishment as well as the penalty. Candidates can apply for the Voter ID Card after they attain the age of the 18 years. All the person have a legal right to give a vote to any person who is standing in the election but the candidate has to beware from the fake voter card makers. They can do anything for money. It is difficult to understand the difference between the real Voter ID Card and Fake Voter ID Card.

How to Identify Fake Voter ID Card

There are two methods to Identify Fake Voter ID Card and both the methods are given below.

  • If the candidate apply for the Voter ID Card by the Agent then he has to make sure that the Agent is trustworthy
  • Then give all the information and all the documents which are required for the Voter ID Card
  • After that, the candidate can demand the Reference no. by the agent
  • Reference No. is the number which is given by the Booth Level Officers after verifying all the documents of the candidate and after verifying all the things, they give the reference no. to track the status of the Voter ID Card.
  • With the help of the Reference no. candidate can know the status and if he entered the reference no. online he get the all the information and he can know that the Voter ID Card is real
  • If the result shows that the invalid Reference no. means that this is the Fake Voter ID Card.

Method 2:

Candidate can check his name in the Voter List by visiting the official website. The procedure is given below to check the name in the list of the candidate. Candidate can also take a look at the second method to identify the voter card.

  • A candidate has to visit the official website in order to check his name in the list.
  • Candidate have to go to the Electoral Voter List
  • Then fill the details like your name and father’s name and name of the district or  assembly constituency
  • Then click on the search button
  • Then all the similar result will appear on the screen and then you have to search for your name in the results
  • If your details will be displayed on the screen and it means that your Voter ID Card is real otherwise it is a Fake Voter ID Card

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